The Program for Research on Private Higher Education
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WP No.12

Inside Thai Private Higher Education: Exploring Private Growth in International Context


Praphamontripong, Prachayani.2008. "Inside Thai Private Higher Education: Exploring Private Growth in International Context.” PROPHE Working Paper No.12.


This paper examines different institutional characteristics of Thai private higher education in historical-organizational perspective.  The analysis applies different conceptual categories of private emergence—Catholic, elite, demand-absorbing—drawn from international literature starting with Levy (1986) to the Thai case.  The societal context of Thai private higher education is rooted fundamentally in the hands of both religious foundations and the business sector.  Thai diversification partly conforms to international schema but also shows varying emphases.  Catholic must be expanded to religious-oriented and elite reformulated as semi-elite.  Although demand-absorbing institutions are the majority in the Thai private sector—as also seen elsewhere—the demand-absorbing subsector shows great internal variations.  For all the three conceptual categories, missions may be assessed accordingly.  Finally, the paper discusses a growing hybrid trend within the Thai private sector.

Date Published:
Sep 2008