The Program for Research on Private Higher Education
Dedicated to Building Knowledge about Private Higher Education around the World
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    Dedicated to Building Knowledge about Private Higher Education around the World
    PROPHE - Program for Research on Private Higher Education seeks to build knowledge about private higher education around the world. PROPHE neither represents nor promotes private higher education. Its main mission is scholarship, which, in turn, should inform public discussion and policymaking. Founded in 2000, PROPHE received multiple Ford Foundation grants through 2008. It presently functions only on the voluntary efforts of its members, along with indirect funding from the University at Albany. We welcome inquiries about potential financial grants to PROPHE or about other collaborations.


For Detailssee the website’s new Global Data page.

For Notice in the Times Higher Education, see here.

For the First Published Journal Article analyzing the Data, see here.

Progress of Ongoing Projects

BibSonomy account: Over 3,000 news reports! Follow the latest global private higher education developments on PROPHE's Global News Report through a database searchable by date, country, region and other categories (e.g. for-profit, access)

Global data: PROPHE continues working on comparing its global datasets for 2000, 2005, and 2010, and extending its database to 2015.

Country law analysis on Brazil, Peru and Ethiopia have been added. See Country Laws on Private Higher Education.

Regular contributions to International Higher Education. The most recent entry analyzes the Mexican government’s role in private growth while the next forthcoming entry explores vanishes public monopoly worldwide.See more

News & Activities

World Bank's visit. Dr. Sachiko Kataoka, senior economist at the World Bank, visited PROPHE (December 12, 2017).See more

Translation and Foreword. A Chinese translation 《国家与高等教育》中文版前言 (Beijing Normal University Press, 2017) is now available of Director Levy’s much-cited Higher Education and the State in Latin America: Private Challenges to Public Dominance, University of Chicago, 1986.See more

New thesis on Mexico posted. Higher education policies in Mexico and the private supply in non-metropolitan areas (English title of Spanish original, an MS thesis at FLACSO) by Edson Eduardo Navarro Meza.

New PROPHE Affiliate. PROPHE welcomes Professor Wondwosen Tamrat as Affiliate.

Berkeley workshop. PROPHE Doctoral Assistant Chau presented a paper on how leading Vietnamese private universities fight the stigma of ‘second-tier’ status at Berkeley’s Center for Korean Studies.See more

CIES 2018. At the March 2018 Comparative & International Education Society annual conference in Mexico City, PROPHE Director Levy will present a paper on U.S. Private Exceptionalism on a panel focused on Private Higher Education in North America.See more