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PROPHE in International Higher Education

By agreement with its Boston College Partner, PROPHE contributes a special column on Private Higher Education in each issue of International Higher Education, published by the Center on International Higher Education, Boston College, whose permission for reposting has been granted.


IHE Summer 2018

The Vanishing Public Monopoly

Daniel Levy

Jun 2018

IHE Summer 2017

Unusual in Growth and Composition: Ethiopian Private Higher Education

Daniel Levy

Aug 2017

IHE Winter 2017

Christian Higher Education's Place within Private Higher Education

Daniel Levy

Mar 2017

IHE Winter 2017

Growing on the Margins: Global Christian Higher Education

Perry L. Glanzer

Mar 2017

IHE Winter 2017

Christian Universities Grow in Africa

Joel Carpenter

Mar 2017

IHE Spring 2016

Private Higher Education: Even France, Even For-Profit

Aurélien Casta
Daniel Levy

Mar 2016

IHE Spring 2014

Quality Assurance and Private Higher Education in Ghana

Linda Tsevi

May 2014

IHE Winter 2014

Brazil: A For-profit Giant

Dante Salto

Mar 2014

IHE Fall 2013

Challenges to Top-Ranked Private Universities in Poland

Joanna Musial-Demurat

Dec 2013

IHE Spring 2013

The Quality-Profit Assumption

Kevin Kinser

May 2013