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Willy Chambi

Affiliation: Faculty of Education and Social Sciences, and member of the Graduate School, Heidelberg University of Education (Germany)

Chambi’s doctoral dissertation examines the rise, growth and development of private universities in Bolivia. The study intends to shed light on the characteristics of private universities as well as the similarities and differences among them, using the sociological new institutionalism as a theoretical framework. He is conducting his studies under the sponsorship of the Katholischer Akademischer Ausländer-Dienst (KAAD). Willy completed his master’s degree in educational administration of higher education at Southern Illinois University as a Fulbright scholar. Other areas of his interest include higher education, educational policy, educational leadership and quality assurance in higher education. He has served as director of the institute for educational research, as well as planning director at Salesian University of Bolivia, where he was also a member of the executive committee. Since 2024, Willy has joined PROPHE as a doctoral research assistant.