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Affiliates' Activities

Asha Gupta | Publications since 2010

Gupta, Asha. 2015. Emerging Trends in Private Higher Education in India: Some Reflections. In Varghese, N. V. & Malik, G. (eds). India Higher Education Report. Routledge, UK.

Published a book on the Changing Perspective of Higher Education in Hindi entitled Uchhtar Shiksha ke Badalte Aayam from the Directorate of Hindi Medium Implementation, University of Delhi in 2011. It contains one chapter on privatisation and another chapter on private higher education. This book has been well received by the students, teachers and researchers on higher education through Hindi medium.

‘Deemed Universities in India: Confusion Reigns’. International Higher Education: 63. 2011. Boston. Spring.

Pablo Landoni | Publications since 2010

CIFUENTES, Jairo; LANDONI, Pablo y LLINAS, Xavier (2012) “Strategic Management in Higher Education:  Concepts and experiences from Telescopi Network in the Ibero-American region” Forthcoming

LANDONI, Pablo y MARTÍNEZ SANDRES, Fernando (2011) “Posgrados e Investigación en el Uruguay: Articulaciones y desencuentros” Montevideo, Universidad Católica del Uruguay / Agencia Nacional de Investigación e Innovación.

LANDONI, Pablo y MARTÍNEZ SANDRES, Fernando (2011) “Posgrados e Investigación en el Uruguay: Articulaciones y desencuentros” Montevideo, Universidad Católica del Uruguay / Agencia Nacional de Investigación e Innovación.

LANDONI, Pablo (2010) “El debate sobre la creación de una Agencia de Acreditación en Uruguay: influencias externas y tensiones internas” En Revista Argentina de Educación Superior.

Fatma Mizikaci | Publications since 2010

Mizikaci, Fatma. 2011. "Isomorphic and Diverse Features of Turkish Private Higher Education". PROPHE Working Paper #18.

Dante Salto | Publications since 2010

Salto, D. J. (2020). Comparative Higher Education Policy Under Nondemocratic Regimes in Argentina and Chile: Similar Paths, Different Policy Choices. Higher Education Policy, 1–18.

Adrogué, C., Fanelli, A. G., Carranza, M. P., & Salto, D. J. (2019). Universities facing quality assurance and funding policies toward research: case studies in the Argentine private sector. Revista de la Educación Superior, 48(190), 45–70.

Escudero, M. C., & Salto, D. J. (2019). More market, less state: Graduate education financing in Argentina. Espacios en Blanco. Revista de educación, 1(29), 65–84.

Salto, D. J. (2019). Brazil: Expanding Access Through Private Institutions. In J. Delisle & A. Usher (Eds.), International perspectives in higher education: Balancing access, equity, and cost (pp. 149–168). Harvard Education Press.

Rabossi, M., & Salto, D. J. (2018). The Weight of Tradition: Conditions that Foster and Deter the Growth of World-Class Universities in Argentina. In M. Rabossi, K. M. Joshi, & S. Paivandi (Eds.), In Pursuit of World-Class Universities: A Global Experience (pp. 91–113). Studera Press.

Salto, D. J. (2018c). Attractive carrots, bland sticks: Organizational responses to regulatory policy in Argentine graduate education. Studies in Higher Education, 43(11), 2020–2032.

Salto, D. J. (2018a). Quality assurance through accreditation: When resistance meets overÔÇÉcompliance. Higher Education Quarterly, 72(2), 78–89.

Salto, D. J. (2018b). To profit or not to profit: The private higher education sector in Brazil. Higher Education, 75(5), 809–825.

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Salto, D. J. (2014b). Brazil: A For-Profit Giant. International Higher Education, 74, 21–22.

Wondwosen Tamrat | Publications since 2010

Disparities and Parallels in Internationalization: The Ethiopian Experience. 2017. International Higher Education No 92.

The Emerging Contours of African Private Higher Education. (2017). Inside Higher Education, Nov 26.

Linking Female Students’ Access to Success. (2017). University World News, November 17.

The Shifting Sands of University Management in Ethiopia. (2017). Inside Higher Education. October 22.

An Assessment of the Risk Profile of Private Higher Education Institutions in Ethiopia. (2016). Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Private Higher education in Ethiopia. Accra: Direct Concept.

The Making of Research Universities in Ethiopia: Issues for Consideration. (2015). Addis Ababa: The Ethiopian Academy of Sciences.

Education Sector Development Program (ESDP) Promises and Achievements in the Private Higher Education Sector in Ethiopia: The Four ESDPs in Focus. (2015). International Conference on the Role of Higher Education and Development, Organized by Education Strategy Center and Maastricht School of Management 23rd and 24th July, Hilton Hotel Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Contributions and Challenges of private higher education institutions in Ethiopia: The views of instructors and administrators (2014). Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Private Higher Education in Africa. Addis Ababa: SMUC Press.

The Evolving Quality Assurance Framework in Ethiopian Higher Education (2012). Addis Ababa: St. Mary’s University Press.

Stakeholders’ Opinion about the Provision of Private Higher Education in Ethiopia (2011). The Teacher, Vol 4, No 8.

The Status of Private Provision of Higher Education in Ethiopia (2011). Proceedings of the 9th national Conference on private higher education institutions in Ethiopia. Addis Ababa: SMUC Press.

League tables and ranking systems for Ethiopia? (2010). The Teacher. Vol4, No7.

Pedro Teixeira | Publications since 2010

Pedro Teixeira and Jung Sheol Chin (2020) (Editors in Chief) The International Encyclopaedia of Higher Education, Springer, 4 Vols., (forthcoming).

Teixeira, P.; Magalhães, A.; Rosa, M. J. & Veiga, A. (2019) Under Pressure – Higher Education Institutions facing Multiple Challenges; Sense Publishers: Rotterdam.

Pedro Teixeira (ed.) (2017) The Changing Public-Private Mix in Higher Education – Patterns, Rationales and Challenges; Sense: Rotterdam.

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Teixeira, P., Rocha, V., Biscaia, R., Cardoso, M. F. (2014) Policy Changes, Marketization Trends and Spatial Dispersion in European Higher Education: Comparing Public and Private Sectors; Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society; accepted for publication

Teixeira, P., Rocha, V., Biscaia, R., Cardoso, M. F. (2014). Public and Private Higher Education in Europe: Competition vs. Complementarity. In Bonaccorsi, A. (Ed.), Knowledge, Diversity and Performance in European Higher Education - A Changing Landscape, Edward Elgar.

Teixeira, P., Rocha, V., Biscaia, R., Cardoso, M. F. (2013) “Competition and diversification in public and private higher education” Applied Economics, 45, 35, 4949-4958

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Teixeira, Pedro (2012) The Changing Public-Private Mix in Higher Education: Analysing Portugal’s apparent Exceptionalism. in A. Amaral and G. Neave (eds.), Higher Education in Portugal 1974-2009 - A Nation, a Generation. Dordrecht:  Springer

Pedro Teixeira (2011) Eppur si Muove: Marketization and Privatization Trends in the  European Higher Education Area, Journal of the European Higher Education Area, 4, 57-72

Pedro Teixeira and David Dill (ed.) (2011) Public Vices, Private Virtues? Reflecting about the Effects of Marketization in Higher Education, Rotterdam: Sense Publishers

Pedro Teixeira and David Dill (2011) The Many Faces of Marketization, in Teixeira et al (2011) Public Vices Private Virtues, Sense Publishers, pp. vii-xxiii

Other Activities since 2010

OxCHEPS, New College, Oxford University, Visiting Fellow, October 2011-February 2012 and October 2012-February 2013