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Qian Li

Affiliation: Higher Education Institute, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University
Address: Higher Education Institute, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University, 9 Xinjiekouwai St. Beijing, China, 100875

Qian Li is a PhD candidate of the Faculty of Education at Beijing Normal University, and also visiting scholar (2013-2014) at PROPHE with Chinese government scholarship. She received her Master degree in Higher Education from Beijing Normal University.

Qian has involved as key participant in several national research projects, including “Policy Research on the Differentiated Regulation of Private Schools”(Chinese Ministry of Education, 11JZD043), “Chinese Private Education Development Report” (13JBGP042), “Private Education Administration Information Platform Research”(105560GK),“Evaluation of Sino-foreign Cooperative Educational Programs and Institutions in Beijing”, “Quality Assurance of Chinese Religious Universities and Colleges”, etc. She held an academic position in China’s National Institute for Education Assessment prior to her doctoral study, and has been a research assistant in National Institute of Private Education Policy Studies since 2011.

Qian has presented papers in various conferences in China, Japan, Canada, and the U.S., and has published more than 10 papers in Chinese and International journals. As a qualitative and quantitative researcher, her main area of interest is exploring the theme of Chinese non-public education. From a broad comparative perspective, she is now focusing her researches on the public-private partnerships, the distinction between the nonprofit and for-profit higher education, the growth of Sino-foreign cooperative education, and the similarity and difference between privatization in education and health care in China.