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A good share of recent work on Private Higher Education that is well-informed by global literature and context, is empirically based, and is more than article length, comes in dissertations. Therefore, PROPHE posts the following overviews, with abstracts. The full works are available for download when possible.


Institutional governance in the development of Chinese private universities: three cases study from Sichuan province

Xu Liu
Xu Liu

Sep 2017

Higher education policies in Mexico and the private supply in non-metropolitan areas (English title of Spanish original, an MS thesis)

Edson Eduardo Navarro Meza
Eduardo Navarro

Sep 2016

Quality Assurance in Private Higher Education: The case of Ghana

Linda Tsevi

Aug 2015

Typical and Top-ranked Polish Private Higher Education: Intersectoral and Intrasectoral Distinctiveness

Joanna Musial-Demurat

Dec 2012

Understanding Private Higher Education in Saudi Arabia -Emergence, Development and Perceptions

Yussra Jamjoom

Sep 2012

Intra-Sectoral Diversity: A Political Economy of Thai Private Higher Education

Prachayani Praphamontripong Kanwar

Nov 2009

The Politics of Higher Education: Government Policy Choice and Private Higher Education in Post-Communist Countries

Marie Pachuashvili

Oct 2009

Evolutionary Sagas of Three Private Universities in Italy: Critical Factors in Developing Institutional Responsiveness to Exogenous Change

Fiona Hunter

Apr 2009

Private Higher Education and the Labor Market in China: Institutional Management Efforts & Initial Employment Outcomes

Yingxia Cao

Dec 2007

Private Higher Education in Russia: The Quest for Legitimacy

Dmitry Suspitsin

May 2007