The Program for Research on Private Higher Education
Dedicated to Building Knowledge about Private Higher Education around the World

What is PROPHE's Subject Matter?

PROPHE is interested in all facets of PHE development and functioning. Priority subjects for present and future include:

  • Public policy for private higher education
  • For-profit activity, whether at legally for-profit institutions or at legally nonprofit ones or involving for-profit/nonprofit partnerships
  • Non-elite, demand-absorbing, vocational, and other non-university postsecondary private institutional options that are key to expanding access and serving the workforce
  • Culturally distinctive higher education
  • Academically distinguished private higher education
  • Private-public partnerships via affiliation of private colleges to public universities or establishment of private modules within public universities
  • Internationalization, including branch campuses and foreign ownership

One concern throughout is distinctiveness. How distinctive is private from public higher education and how distinctive are private sub-sectors and institutions from each other and from public counterparts? Distinctiveness is assessed against isomorphism, a tendency to emulate and be non-distinctive. Related to this concern is assessment of private-public cooperation and conflict.