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Conference Panel

PROPHE held a panel session on “New and Evolving Forms of Private Higher Education: For-Profit, Private-Public Partnerships, and Short-Cycle in China, Brazil, and Europe” at the 2014 Comparative & International Education Society (CIES) conference in Toronto. 

The panel includes presentations by Li Qian, Dante Salto, Yunyu Shi, Snejana Slantcheva-Durst, and Ruirui Sun, with Daniel Levy as discussant and Ruth Hayhoe as Chair. The four presentations illustrate new and evolving forms of private higher education through two case-studies on China, one on Brazil, and one on the European Union. The first presenter, Qian Li, explores policy changes in China which allow profit making at the higher education level. Dante Salto, the second presenter, analyzes the size and scope of the for-profit sector in Brazil and the role of public policy in its support. The third presentation, by Ruirui Sun and Yunyu Shi, showcases the interplay between public-private partnership in China and the public policy environment. Lastly, the fourth presenter, Snejana Slantcheva-Durst analyzes forms of private provision of short-cycle higher education across Europe.