The Program for Research on Private Higher Education
Dedicated to Building Knowledge about Private Higher Education around the World
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    Dedicated to Building Knowledge about Private Higher Education around the World
    PROPHE - Program for Research on Private Higher Education seeks to build knowledge about private higher education around the world. PROPHE neither represents nor promotes private higher education. Its main mission is scholarship, which, in turn, should inform public discussion and policymaking. Founded in 2000, PROPHE received multiple Ford Foundation grants through 2008. It presently functions on the voluntary efforts of its members, along with indirect funding from the University at Albany. We welcome inquiries.


For Details, see the website’s new Global Data.

For Notice in the Times Higher Education, see here.

For the First Published Journal Article analyzing the Data, see here.

Progress of Ongoing Projects

Global dataPROPHE is almost ready to extend its 2000-2010 database to 2015.

Country data & law analysis.Turkey added to the country data cases and Brazil, Peru, and Ethiopia added to the law analysis cases. The Philippines will soon be added to both compendia. See Country Data and Laws on Private Higher Education.

Regular contributions to International Higher Education. The most recent entry analyzes the country contours of global PHE enrollment, the prior entry the vanishing public monopoly in countries. Next up is a Special Focus on For-profits and Nonprofits in Southeast Asia.

PHE in the NEWS: A Compilation of over 3,000 News Reports on Private Higher Education Globally.

Director Levy  continues writing his book A World of Private Higher Education.

News & Activities

Keynote on PHE. Director Levy presented the First Senator Edgardo J. Angara Keynote Lecture at a national education conference in Pasay City, Philippines, addressing "Philippine Private Higher Education in Regional and Global Perspective" (December 3, 2019).

Conference Panels. PROPHE held a panel "(Re)imagining policy models and their influence on intersectoral (public-private) distinctiveness" at ASHE (November 2019). PROPHE also presented a special panel on the for-profit/nonprofit distinction at CIES (April 2019).

PROPHEts' updates. Mark Yee (Philippines) started his PhD at the University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education, as a Jardine scholar. Doctoral assistant Edson Eduardo Navarro Meza (Mexico) presented his book Las Políticas de Educación Superior en México y la Oferta Privada en Zonas No Metropolitanas at the 33th Guadalajara International Book Fair (December 4, 2019). Dante Salto has become Assistant Professor in higher education at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

Translation and Foreword. A Chinese translation 《国家与高等教育》中文版前言 (Beijing Normal University Press, 2017) is now available of Director Levy’s much-cited Higher Education and the State in Latin America: Private Challenges to Public Dominance, University of Chicago, 1986.

Roster reconfiguration. PROPHE has reconfigured its membership. See the update on the Members page.